Is There a Way to Tell When an Order was Placed Matrix?

No, there is not a direct way to tell when an order was placed. This is something that you should be able to get out of the traffic system. 

However, you can use the Pacing Report to find out when the money came into Matrix. You would have to have a general idea of when the orders were placed and view the report by changing the Pacing date. 

Even though the following will not give you the date that the order was place, you can find a general date for when the account was added to Matrix.

You can look on the Details tab on the individual account profile screen. The "Details" tab will give the detailed information for the account's individual data records. 

1.  Go to the account's profile page and set the Viewing account for to All  Or, if you need to find the information for one specific AE, then view the account for that specific AE.

2.  Click on the Details tab

3.  Check the Show Dates check box. 

This will show the Created Date and the Last Billed date. The Created Date is the date that the account was added into Matrix. This could be when it was added as a Prospect or Lead by the AE, the date when the data was imported in when the database was created or it could be the date when the account's billing came in from the import file

For more information on the Account Details Tab, please see Work with the Account Details Tab.

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