Matrix in Your Work Day - Managers

Matrix can be mission control for your sales operations if your Account Executives are consistently leveraging the capabilities. Follow these practices to incorporate Matrix in your work day.



  1. Check Alerts take action or plan action as needed. Don’t forget to celebrate too!
  2. Review the Birds Eye View for a quick look at the revenue picture. Dig deeper if needed with Reports and Sales Intelligence
  3. Review Recently Added Prospects (Street Level) or Approve/Reject Leads as needed


1. Managing AE Performance

- Review the Activity List. Note upcoming meetings you’d like to attend & overdue items.
- Review the Deal List. Note large deals, deals closing soon & overdue deals.
- Use the AE Scorecard (Bird's Eye View) One-On-Ones to get a quick glance at performance. Use Notes to keep track of action items. 


2. Managing Revenue 

- Check the Pipeline from the Pipeline Analysis
- When your official forecast is due adjust it up or down with the Forecast Adjustment prospect.
- From Alerts or Reports check on churn accounts and accounts pacing behind.
- Identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities with Alerts or Sales Coverage Analysis



         1. Update the Account List

- Check for duplicates, reassign, merge/rename, etc. as needed.
- Identify and assign key prospects via reassignmentimport or List Builder.
2. In the Account List identify accounts without an open Deal



1. Enter Budgets.

Underlined items in Red are features available in Matrix Premium. Contact to turbo charge your work day.

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