How is Billing Imported into Matrix?

Importing billing information is a key component of Matrix. it allows for multiple functions within the CRM solution, but how is the data imported? Typically the process involved in importing data is as follows:

- Corporate traffic team generates a file, either manually or automatically, and it is placed in a folder on a Corporate server.
- A scheduled task runs a batch file which copies this file to our FTP server.
- A SQL Import job runs on the Matrix servers and brings in the data contained in this file. 
- Matrix will update each account that you see in Matrix, to match what was found in the file.
- Also during this process, this snapshot of information is added to a Pacing table.
- Lastly, deals are analyzed to see if any pending can be updated.

One thing to remember, the file that Corporate sends us is created after business hours, and the billing you see in Matrix, will represent end of day information from the previous day.

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