Matrix Terminology

As you explore Matrix, you will find many terms and names that may not be familiar to you. To help in understanding some of these terms and labels, we have put together this quick list of definitions to help in clarifying what they mean and represent.

Account - Also known as an Advertiser; the company that has purchased advertising from your organization; or a potential prospect.

Activity - A Meeting, Call, or Task that is performed with a Contact, Deal, Agency, or Account.

Agency - A company that assists another company with advertising campaigns.

Booked - Actual revenue in dollars, representing advertising orders that have been billed through the traffic/billing system.

Budget - The sales goal that needs to be achieved.

Churn Account An Account that generated revenue this time a year ago, but has not generated any revenue for the same period this year.

Contact - A person from an Account or Agency that your team works with regarding advertising sales.

Deal - Where you place your Pending. You can have multiple deals for the same time period for an Account.

Forecast - An amount, representing the sum of Booked and Pending dollars.

Outlet - The actual “thing” that you're selling. Ex: the TV station WAAA, the website, the publication.

Pacing - Comparison of your sales revenue today, compared to a similar date last year.

PendingDollars expected to come in for an Account in the near future. Pending is calculated in Forecast (Booked + Pending = Forecast).

Proposed - Dollars that are pitched to an Account without much expectation of closing the deal. These dollars are not calculated in Forecast.

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