Monarch - Addresses and Contacts are Required on Deals - Admin Configuration

Most deals do not happen on their own. They take human interaction to close out and build a relationship with the buyer over time. To increase the adoption of the CRM aspects of Monarch and make it easier for a seller to reach out to the buyer, new requirements can be added to Deals that enforce address and contact information be part of a deal so that there is less reason to not reach out to the buyer in order to discuss updates on the deal. 

This KB Articles explains how to configure the feature in Admin.

Configuring the Addresses and Contacts Required for Deals

Admins will find new configuration options in the Deals Options settings. By default, the following will be set to NO

  • Account and Agency Addresses are Required on Deals?
  • Contacts and Contact Information are required on Deals?

Once enabled, then the admin must pick which Sales Stage to start enforcing Addresses and/or Contacts on the deals. For example if there are 4 stages and Stage 2 is enforced then Stages 2, 3, and 4 will enforce Addresses and/or Contacts on deals. Note that enforcing on Stage 1 means no new deals can be created without Addresses and/or Contacts. Enforcing on any other stage means the deal can be created without Addresses and/or Contacts, but cannot progress to the configured stage or beyond without Addresses and/or Contacts. 

You can configure the Addresses on the Accounts and Agencies different from the Contacts or only use one and not the other. This also means you can choose to start with one and later add another or get rid of one or both entirely down the road. It’s very flexible in its configuration.

Accounts and Agencies require Address1, City, State, Zip

Contacts require First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, Primary Phone

Note: Proposal Integrations (such as WOMS) that create Deals will not follow this rule if Stage 1 is set to be enforced. This ensures other systems can get deals created, but if a user wanted to change the stage of one of those deals in Monarch, it will be enforced since we do enforce in later stages.

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