Monarch - Submitting Lead Accounts (Customized)

Submit a Lead Account for Approval

Before you can submit a Lead Account for approval (to your manager), the account must contain:
>An address for the Account.
>At least one Account Contact.
>At least one Activity (which can be Incomplete or Completed).

In the below example, this Account Executive  created a new Lead account  "Zara Clothing Test account" requesting the outlets "CBC Digital" and "WRAL-FM" . This AE has completed filling out the Address, Activity and Contact information.

Please make sure that all three requirements are met before submitting this to your manager 

-To finalize your Lead submission , please click on the  “Submit” option . This will ONLY go to the assigned Manager(s) for the Outlet(s) selected. You will also see a new message in display with the date when this was submitted " Lead submitted on 04/08/2021 " . This will confirm that you have submitted your request successfully

- If you would like to request additional outlets, please go to the "Request outlet tabs " and select the desired outlets accordingly

- Once you select the desired outlets , click on the "Request" option so these outlet can be submitted for approval

-If more than 1 manager is assigned to a particular Outlet, they all get an email notification of the Account Request. 

Once the Manager approves, you will notice that on the Account List page that the outlet WRAL-FM was approved and is now listed as a Prospect. The other Outlet "CBC Digital" had a different Manager and has yet to approve, so it remains as a Lead. 

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