Monarch - Tagging Accounts and Contacts

About Tagging
A Tag is an additional piece of information that you can add to a contact. It is a way to keep track of details about a contact that cannot be captured anywhere else in the profile. For example, you may have several contacts that like the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. You could tag those contacts with 'steelers'. If you wish to take some of those contacts to an upcoming game, you could view the Contacts List and filter by the 'steelers' tag to see the contacts that match that tag.

Add a Tag

A Tag can be added to an Account or Contact from their Profile Page. 

  1. To view the Account or Contact Profile Page, select Contacts or Accounts from the lefthand navigation panel.
  2. Select the name of the Account or Contact that you'd like to add a tag to. After clicking the name, it will load the Profile for that particular account or contact.  
  3. Go to the Tags pod on the profile page. Please see the Pod views below as they are a little different within the Contact and Account Pages. 
    • Contact Profile Page View  
    • Account Profile Page View
  4. In the Tag pod, you can use the Search bar to search for and select a tag that has already been used or you can create a new one. A tag is meant to be a short keyword about the contact. Please do not type out full sentences for the tag.
    • In the Tag field, type the first two characters of the tag. A drop list, listing potential matches appears assuming that tag is used in at least one other contact. If the list is too long, you can continue to type in the field to narrow the list.
    • If you wish to use an existing tag - select it from the list.
    • If you wish to create a new tag - continue to type the tag, ignoring the tags on the list. Then press Enter.
  5. The tag appears in the pod after it has been added

Remove a Tag
In the Tags pod, click the [x] locate to the right of the tag. The tag disappears from the pod.
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