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The Agency List is the place to go to best understand the relationship between your Accounts and Agencies.


To get started, as a Salesperson or a Manager, click on the Agencies link from the left navigation menu.


Managers can perform Account Reassignments by Agency from the Agency List. This is most beneficial when you have multiple accounts from the same Agency that you need to reassign to another salesperson.

You have the option to reassign an entire agency from one salesperson to another or to reassignment part of the accounts that the agency represents from one salesperson to the next. When reassigning by agency we strongly recommend that you group your Accounts under Agencies first via the Options and do NOT Display Accounts by the latest Agency only.

  • Either Reassign an Entire Agency
    1. Select the checkboxes next to 1 or more agencies on the list. Do not select the individual Accounts within the Agency grouping as that will only reassign the selected accounts.
  • Or Reassign part of an Agency
    1. Select the checkboxes next to 1 or more Accounts on the list. Do not place the checkbox next to the Agency as this will select all accounts grouped under that agency.
  • Once you have made your selections for reassignment, select Reassign Agencies from the bottom of the page (you will not need to scroll) and a reassignment dialog will display to finalize the options.
  • Here you will select the salesperson to receive all the Accounts that you have selected to reassign by Agency. You must have access to the salesperson to reassign an account to them.
  • You can optionally reassign the Office on all the Accounts that you have selected as well. This option will not be selected by default, and the Offices within will be only the Offices that the Salesperson you plan to reassign the Accounts to has access to. For example, if you are reassigning Accounts to a local seller that only has access to the Local office, then you should not expect to see National Offices within the Office dropdown.
    1. If you only wish to reassign the office, you will first want to ensure Agencies and Accounts selected belong to a single salesperson. Then select that salesperson in the dropdown and select a new office. Because the Salesperson remains the same, but the office is different, this will only perform an Office reassignment while still ensuring the reassignment aligns with expected Offices for the Salesperson.
  • Finally, you will want to review each of the Agencies and their accounts that will be reassigned to the selected Salesperson and optionally the Office. If you find an Account or Agency that you do not want to change ownership, then simply deselect the checkbox next to its name and it will not be part of the upcoming reassignment.
  • Let’s say that you’re all about the holding company functionality that we recently put out and you are now cleaning up the accounts and agencies each seller owns so that a salesperson handles all business with a holding company. Well, we’ve made it much easier to reassign your accounts and agencies this way with a new option on the reassignment dialog of the agency list. 
    • Select the checkbox for “You’ve selected one or more holding companies.” and we’ll show you the agencies and accounts also owned by the salesperson that owns the holdco(s). You can then select them from this dialog (they will not be automatically selected by default) instead of searching the list for them individually. That’s it! Everything reassigns the exact same way as it did before. We’re just giving you a shortcut workflow to perform reassignments. If you do not select a holding company to be reassigned, then you will not receive this option. 
    • Likewise if you do not even have holding companies assigned you will also not see this option since they cannot be selected then.
  • Click Save and your reassignment request will be sent for processing. You will notice a new icon next to the Agency name(s) that you have selected to reassign. This means the request is in progress. If another manager were to view the page they would also see the request is in progress, indicating they may not want to perform a reassignment with this account until it clears. Currently a refresh is required in order to clear this icon once the reassignment has completed.
  • You will also receive a green confirmation message indicating that the request has been received. Once you see this, you are free to perform your next reassignment, navigate to another page, or logout. If you perform an action before the confirmation then your reassignment may not complete as expected.
  • Refresh the page to see the reassignment changes.

Changes to Partial Reassignments

Please keep in mind that while you can reassign from an Account List, the following guidelines for Partial Reassignments only pertains to those reassignments initiated from the Agency List.

A partial reassignment is when part of an Account is reassigned to a new owner but the original owner still retains a part of it. For this example, let’s say that I have an account with 3 outlets, and I reassign 1 of those outlets to another salesperson so that now 2 salespeople handle the account.  

  • Deals will be split. Using the previously mentioned scenario let’s say that I have 1 deal that had all 3 outlets on it. Once partially reassigned, we're going to split the deal and give the new salesperson the pending dollars for the 1 outlet and the original owner will still have their deal but with 2 outlets on it.
    • Any projects will also be split accordingly. The creation date of the pitch will maintain the original creation date of the original owner’s pitch and not be updated to the reassignment date that created a new pitch for reporting purposes.
    • Notes on deals will be copied to the new owner.
    • Activities on deals will be made available to the new owner but not duplicated so as to not increase an activity count in reporting.
    • If an Office reassignment also occurred, the deal will always be updated to the new Office and the project pitch may be updated to the new office if the Project is allowed to have that Office. Otherwise, it will retain the existing office on the pitch.
  • New owners from partial reassignments will share Locker files. We will not create duplicate files, but we will grant the new salesperson access to any existing files on the account(s) that were partially reassigned. Any files added by either owner will only be available to the respective owner and not be shared. If one owner deletes the file, it will only remove their affiliation to the file and not delete the file itself so long as a salesperson still exists affiliated with the file. This ensures a salesperson cannot maliciously or accidentally delete files in use by multiple salespeople.
  • the Address, Notes, Tags, and Contacts on the Accounts reassigned by an Agency Reassignment will be copied to the new salesperson so that both the old and new salespeople will have understanding of the history on the Account. This is a true copy so any edits to the items will not make changes for the other seller. 


  • The Summary tab on the Account Profile page will include an entry for reassignments performed on the Agency List just like they do today for reassignments performed on the Account List.
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