Monarch - Revenue Types for Outlets - User Overview

Now that we have this configured, you can see how the difference plays out on a deal. In the image attached, you can see how the revenue type dropdown on the left only has 4 options in it while the dropdown on the right has all revenue types. This is because we limited the the Revenue Types that can be used for the one Outlet, and we allowed all Revenue Types to be used for the other. 

It is important to note that this example is coming from the same deal which means you can choose to limit some Outlets while leaving others completely open if you wish.

Any existing deals that you had will retain the revenue type that was previously selected. However, if you choose to update the revenue type in the future, you will only be able to select from a preconfigured combination. Over time, all deals will straighten themselves out and greater accuracy will be achieved. 

Deal Preferences

Your deal preferences may have been adjusted because of this functionality. Continuing with our example, if you had previously created a deal preference combination of WAAA and Digital Direct and the Admin did not specify Digital Direct for WAAA, then that preference will be removed so that no future deals will be automatically generated with this combination. 

Additionally, when reconfiguring your deal preferences, which we highly recommend you look at again, you will only be able to create combinations that are valid just as you would on the deal itself.

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