Monarch - Agency Profile Page Overview

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When you click the name of an agency from anywhere in Matrix you will automatically go to that agency's profile page, which is designed to provide you with all the details you need to know about your agencies in a one-stop-shop.

Whether reviewing existing details or adding new information, Matrix has designed this profile page to get you the information you want/need when you need it.

Summary is a high-level rundown of any touches that have occurred with your agency.

Revenue provides a breakdown of booked revenue associated with this agency, and parse it totals/accounts/office/outlets/rev types, roll up by year/month, and year.

Deals will allow you to access both your current and historical deals (Open and Closed) that are exclusive to this agency.

Activities will be where you can view meetings, and past/future to-do tasks.

Contacts will allow you to view/add both direct contacts affiliated with this agency.

Notes will allow you to view/add both direct affiliated with this agency.

Matrix Locker offers an online filling source for any important documents that you would like to easily access for this agency.

Editing an agency's information:  

Address/phone/fax/website/social media details are editable from the pencil icon beside the agency’s name. Click that to access the popup below. Make the necessary changes to the Agency and remember to click Save.


When you need to know the who/what/where/when/why associated with your agency's simply navigate to their Profile Page to get a one-stop-shop of their info.

When used to its fullest, a simple click will take you to a 360-degree view of the info you want/need to know.

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