Monarch - Digital Account Manager Workflow - AM Perspective - (Customized)

As a Digital Account Manager, you are setup with a user role that will allow you to have visibility across nearly all CBC revenue, so it will be important to understand how to easily view YOUR account and revenue within the system.

Here we will outline how to view and add YOUR data to Matrix.

Managing Visibility

It will be important to utilize the filter and custom list features to focus your view when needed.

Filtering is made easy since all accounts that you are managing will be assigned to your Digital Account Manager office.  This will be necessary since many of the accounts you’re managing will still list the original Account Executive that sold the account as the “Salesperson” to ensure they also have visibility into their accounts’ digital revenue.

Here are a few areas that you will want to utilize the office filter to control your view.

Sales Outlook Data Card

  • Filtering to JUST your Digital Account Manager offices will narrow your view to show just the accounts you are managing

  • Filtering to JUST your Digital Account Manager office will show the deals you are working for your managed accounts, and viewing deals outside your purview shouldn’t be necessary.

Account List

Due to your setup as an Account Manager you now have access to see accounts across all teams, and therefore the Account List will no longer show just your accounts unless you use the office filter.

The Account List can be beneficial as you search for various accounts, but we recommend that you setup a custom list using List Builder to create a pre-set list that you can click into to see your accounts at any time.

Create your own Account list using the following steps:

  • Click into List Builder from the left navigation bar
  • Select the “+” to create a new list

  • Proceed through the setup screens as follows:
  • List Builder – click Next
  • Step 1 – select Accounts and click Next
  • Step 2 – Select Office from the drop down, search/pick your office in the search bar, click Next
  • Step 3 – Push the Available Fields you would like in your list to the Selected Fields
  • Step 4 – Name the list “My Accounts”, and click Save
  • You can now choose to see results, which will be the accounts assigned to your office
  • The My Accounts list will be up-to-date with your accounts every time you run the saved list from List Builder.

Contact List

Similar to the Account List, the Contact List will also comprise all CBC contacts, so we recommend building a custom list of your contacts as well.

Follow the same process as described with List Builder above, but for “Step 1” select “Contacts” before clicking “next.

This second custom list allows you to view the contacts associated with your accounts at any time with a simple click.

Activity List

The Activity List will also show you activities across CBC unless filtered to either your office, or your name as the salesperson.

As an alternative, we recommend setting up a saved Activity Report that will show your activities specifically.

Follow these steps to create your Activity Report:

  • Click Reports from the left Navigation Bar, select the Activities tab, and click the Activity Report

  • Select the Standard filter options, choose Salesperson, and uncheck All and check just YOUR name

  • Click Run
  • Adjust your time frame as needed, and drill into your activities by clicking the “+” by your name
  • Click the star icon in the top right of the screen to save this report as a favorite

  • The report will now be available for you to run at any time from the Favorite section of the Reports dashboard.

Creating a Deal

Your Digital Account Manager office will note your ownership of the accounts you are managing, but many of your accounts will still be associated with the original salesperson that brought them to CBC.

Since you are not the “Salesperson” on all of your accounts it will be important for you to appropriately set the “Office” on your deals as you create them.

  • Use the + Add button to start a new deal
  • Select your account, and if not defaulted, choose the original seller from the Salesperson Drop down
  • On the Deal Profile, adjust the Office from Local to your Digital AM office

Creating Activities

As a Digital Account Manager you’re able to create activities for any of the accounts in the system, but when creating activities for accounts where you are not the Salesperson Matrix will default that field to the current owner.

It is important that you review this field when creating an activity, and adjust it to yourself before saving:

This will ensure that all of your activities are accurately assigned to you, and that you have the proper visibility within your activity report.

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