Monarch - Importance Of A Clean Healthy Account List

What should be on the  AE Accounts List?

  • AE Account Lists should only include account the AE is responsible to service or develop.  For Example: 
  1. Current Billing
  2. Prospect or leads with the potential to bill and are activity being developed
  3. Billing in the last year with a potential of returning


Importance of clean account lists:

  • Saves Time:
  1. Reduces clutter in Monarch, easier to find the data the AE’s need in the system
  2. Eliminates working over each other on an account
  3. Everyone can see what accounts are available to call on
  • Increases Revenue
  1. Gives AE’s clarity on the accounts they need to be working


You Need to know about your team:

  • Accuracy of the reports
  • Who owns what accounts
  • How many accounts should be on a list, example how many accounts can be serviced and developed effectively
  • Define when accounts are to be reassigned, 12 months as an example
  • Placeholder accounts – are used to park accounts when an active AE is no longer calling on the account.  Examples as follows:  
  1. *Local House – Your Market Name, State
  2. *Open – Your Market Name, State
  3. *Out of Business – Your Market Name, State
  4. *Inactive – Your Market Name, State

Recommended Clean Up Approach: 

Account Reviews - Going through the process with your one on ones with your salespeople will all you to discuss any Accounts in question, completing the task more efficiently.

  • From the Account List, toggle to the Master List
    1. Filter to the salesperson whose list you are going to review and note the number of accounts.  Answer is there enough, to many accounts on the AE’s list.  
    2. Sort on the last billed date
      • Determine is the account should remain on the AE’s list.  Accounts with older last billed dates and no recent or planned activity, are good candidates to reassign.


  • Reassign the accounts
    1. Add a check mark next to it (on the left) and click on the Mass Actions button.
    2. Select Reassign Accounts
    3. Under To This Salesperson's box, use the search bar to locate the new Salesperson who should take over the Account.
    4. Click on the Salesperson's name
    5. Click on the Save Button
    6. NOTE: If you want to reassign the Accounts on a specific date, choose to Reassign on, add the date that you would like the reassignment to take place, choose the Salesperson, select Save
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