Monarch - Multi-Stage - Submitting Lead Accounts - Account Executive

Submit a Lead Account for Approval

Before you can submit a Lead Account for approval (to your manager), the account must contain:
>An address for the Account.
>At least one Account Contact.
>At least one Activity (which can be Incomplete or Completed).

In the below example, this Account Executive  created a new Lead account  "Zara Clothing Test account". This AE has completed filling out the Address, Activity and Contact information.

Please make sure that all three requirements are met before submitting this to your manager.

-To finalize your Lead submission, click the  “Submit your lead for approval” option. This will ONLY go to the assigned Manager(s) for the Outlet(s) selected. You will also see a new message in display with the date when this was submitted. This will confirm that you have submitted your request successfully.

Note: If more than 1 manager is assigned to a particular Outlet, then all of them will get an email notification of the Account Request and see the request within their Prospecting navigation on the left. Once any of the managers Approve or Deny the request, it will be removed from (All) the Managers list of “Accounts Requested to be Reassigned”. 

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