Monarch - Prospecting Page - Multi-Stage - Manager and AE's

The Prospecting dashboard will provide you the ability to go through the account list that your station has and then request them to be reassign to you. To access the Prospect dashboard, please click Prospecting on the left in the Navigation Panel.

There are 4 data cards on this dashboard for Account Executive. Please see the bottom of this Article for Manager options:

  • Search for Account - This data card will provide you the account list that contains the keyword that you enter into Search box and then click Search button.
  • Accounts Without Recent Billing - This data card will provide you the account list based on the Category that you select from the Category drop down list.
  • Potentially Churning Leads/Prospects - This data card will provide you the Leads or Prospects that haven't been converted in over 120 days. 
  • Accounts I've Requested - This data card will provide the list of accounts that you have requested and they are still waiting for your manager to approve.

To claim the accounts, please follow the below steps:

1. On the Search for Account data card, please type in account name in the Search box and click Search.

2. Then you will see the list of the account names that contains the words that you enter into the Search box, please select the drop down arrow on the left to see more information.

3. Check the checkbox(es) in front of the salesperson whom account is currently assigned to and you would like to claim their account. Note: when you check the checkbox in front of the salesperson name, the list of outlets on the account will be displayed. Please check the outlet(s) that you wish to claim.

4. After the selection, select Send. This will ONLY go to the assigned Manager(s) for this particular Outlet.

Manager Note: If more than 1 manager is assigned to a particular Outlet, they will both get an email notification of the Account Request. Once any of the managers Approve or Deny the request, it will be removed from (All) the Managers list of “Accounts Requested to be Reassigned”.

5. Click Send

Note: If you select the Back button in the upper left corner to return to the Prospecting panel, you will see the number of accounts that you have requested on the Accounts data card that I have requested. If you click on the number of accounts in the accounts that I have requested, the list of accounts will be opened in more detail.

For Managers: 

To approve or deny account requests: Select prospecting in the navigation panel. You will notice that the Required Accounts Card to be reassigned allows you to know how many Accounts have been requested. If there is one or more, click on this information link. will take you to the list of Accounts with additional information. Choose Approve or Deny. 

Key Word Search: prospecting, claim, reassignment.

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