Monarch - Cox Reps Pending Integration

If you utilize Cox Reps and would like to populate Matrix with the opportunities from Cox Reps to Deal within Matrix, we have the ability to integrate these two key systems. Matrix will receive data from Cox Reps and create deals based on the data that is received from Cox Reps. 

Matrix will map in the detail from Cox Reps as follows:

  • Mappings (Matrix | Cox Reps)
    • Account | Account
    • Agency | Agency
    • Salesperson | Salesperson
    • Office | Office
    • Time-frame | see below "Date Range"
    • Outlet | Station
    • Dollars | pending_amount
    • Status | see below "Deal Status"
    • Stage | see below "Deal Stage"
    • Unique ID | Headline

Currently Matrix does not recieve data from Cox Reps that would equate to the Category, Weighting of a Deal, or Revenue Type. Matrix will create and update deals based on data it receives from Cox Reps. Matrix will not delete deals nor update Deals that have been reconciled in Matrix. The Account Executive will need to monitor those deals to ensure they are fully reconciled.

Additional details include"

  • Date Range: This will come from the Month and Year fields per unique Headline. Ex: if we are provided April and May 2018 for Headline 8839199 then we will create a deal with April and May 2018 as the time-frame.
  • Deal Status: Set every status to Pending. 
  • Deal Stage: Set every Stage to the first stage in the list.
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