Monarch - Strata Integration

Integrating Strata and Matrix saves time, eliminates manual entry and offers valuable insight by combining forecast and booked dollars into a single view. Staring with Strata, you can create your packages and campaigns and then have the Matrix API pull it to Matrix, saving time and manual entry in two systems.

General Functionality with This Integration

  • Load packages and campaigns from Strata into Matrix to be created as pending Deals
  • Strata creates Prospects in Matrix when they do not yet exist in Matrix
  • Strata will update Matrix every hour
  • Deals in Matrix will continually be updated with new information from Strata. Any changes that you make in Matrix will remain until a new revision is found in Strata.
  • Once deals reconcile with traffic information in Matrix, they will no longer be updated by Strata so as to report the most accurate pending possible. You can modify the deals manually in Matrix, however.
  • Deleting your package/campaign in Strata will also delete it from Matrix on the next sync


Q. When the deal is created in Matrix, how do the Office and Category fields become populated?

A. The Office field will automatically be populated with the office that you specified as your default on your Profile page. If you have not specified a default, then Matrix will use the first office that appears in the list of your available offices. The Category field will populate with the one that was most recently used for the account that you are working with. If there is not one, then an N/A will be populated in the Category field in the new deal.

Q. How often is information sent from Strata to Matrix?

A. Data is transferred from Strata to Matrix once an hour. If an error occurs that prevents the data from getting to Matrix, Matrix will grab all data from those missed hourly calls on the next successful call.

Q. I updated a deal in Matrix. Will the details also be synced with the proposal in Strata?

A. No, the details will not be synced. No syncing will occur at any time, whether the updates were made in Strata or in Matrix. If, for example, you edit a deal in Matrix and need those details to also reflect in Strata, then you will need to make those updates in Strata.

Q. I deleted a deal in Strata. What happens to it in Matrix?

A. The deal will automatically be deleted in Matrix. No further action is expected on your part.

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