Monarch - Accounts Receivable Data Card (Customized)

We have designed a data card feature for sales Manager & AEs to interpret the A/R data. Account Receivable is the balance of money that advertisers have been billed but have not yet paid to a media company.  The money is tracked in aging periods, showing how current or delinquent an account is on their payments.  Typical aging periods are current (0-30 days), 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days and over 120 days, which are shown as 0/30/60/90/120.  

  Data Card with aggregated A/R Aging Information

  • Go to homepage, in the data cards section, click on add button & find the “Accounts Receivable Aging.”
  • Click on the card, it would open a data card displaying a graph categorizing total amounts owed by advertisers that are in 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, 120+ day bucket. The amount further in the days bucket, the immediate attention it requires. It would also have a link displaying total number of invoices pending & its respective amount in A/R. While Managers would get aggregated list of invoices of all the AEs he manages, AE would see only theirs. 

Expanded Data Card

Click on any of the categories to see the aggregated sum of invoices from each advertiser for an outlet.

To see the details of the invoices, click on + button. You can further download the entire file using export button at the top.

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