Monarch - vCreative Integration

For customers that utilize vCreative for Radio spots, Matrix has an integration that will allow for the integration of vCreative information within Matrix. The integration when configured, will allow for the end users to see the information associated with the various promotions within vCreative on the Account profile within Matrix.

To see the promotions: 

  • Navigate to an Account profile within Monarch.
  • On the Account profile, there will be a tab labeled vCreative. Click on that tab to see the list of promotions.
  • There is a filter on the right hand side to filter the list of promotions available for view.
  • To see additional information click on the name of the promotion to load additional information about the promotion.
  • Within the additional detail of the promotion, there are tabs to see additional detail.
  • These tabs are Details, Blog, Files, Notes, Voice, and Other.
  • There is a Back button in the upper left of the view.
  • Additionally, there is an Export button in the upper right to export all the data to a .csv file. And there is a button View in VCreative, to link to the promotion within vCreative.
  • Please note, you will need to login to vCreative.
  • The Details tab has information on the Client, Spot, and the Date & Time of the Spot.

  • The Blog tab will show the Blog Details from vCreative.
  • On the right, the Blog Updates window will allow a user to post communication back to vCreative. To push back to vCreative, click the Update Blog button.

  • The Files tab will contain any files associated to the spot. If the file is a .mp3, clicking on the file will open the audio file in a new tab for you to listen to the spot.

  • The Notes tab will contain any notes from within vCreative.

  • The Voice tab will contain any notation on the voice from within vCreative.

  • The Other tab will contain any information from the other tab from within vCreative.

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