Monarch Mobile - Adding Notes

Notes are a crucial part to any sales process so why not add them when you first learn about something new, when it makes the most sense! Take advantage of your phone’s built in dictation functionality and use that speech to text translation to speed up the process as well.

  1. All notes are initiated from the Actions button within Matrix which is located at the bottom of every page. Depending on what page you are on when you tap the + Note button will depend on what displays for you which we’ll go over below.
  2. Select if your note is going to be for an Account or a Contact before proceeding with entering your note
  3. Search for the Account or Contact. Matrix will automatically searching after two characters are entered, then you will select the desired Account or Contact from the search results to proceed with entering the note.
  4. Type in this area the desired note
  5. Once you have selected the Account or Contact and added the note desired , you can choose to Save the note to Matrix or Cancel if you have changed your mind

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