Monarch Mobile - Overview

There’s no reason to be tethered to your desk when it comes to taking advantage of the info and functionality of Matrix.  

Perform critical tasks, such as planning your day, pulling up relevant Account information during a meeting, as well as updating your activities and adding contacts from folks you just met..  

Logging In

Matrix Mobile is accessible directly from your phone's web browser.  There's no need to download an app!  Simply open your phone's browser and type in the same URL that you utilize to access Matrix from your Desktop/Laptop (ie -

Basic Navigation

1- Home: You will see an icon right on top of the page that will take you to the home page from any location within Matrix .

2-Main Menu: Available in every page , tap to initiate a menu that can take you to the following locations:

  • Accounts
  • Activities
  • Agencies
  • Contacts
  • Deals
  • Accounts Near Me
  • Logout

3-Welcome Message : Display a friendly greeting on every successful login

4- Alert Center: Like desktop, keep up to date on the most recent Critical, Non Critical , and Celebratory alerts that you've set up. 

Note: This is a premium only feature 

5-Quick Navigation: Easily accessible buttons allow you to get to some of the most often used locations within Matrix such as Accounts, Deals and Activities . Also includes badges on the Deals and Activities to help you know whats due .

6-Sales Outlook: See how you are tracking the month, quarter or year of your choice in booked dollars. There is also an option at the bottom to include " Shared dollars" from accounts that may be shared with you from other salespeople.

7-Search: Available on every page , tap to initiate a search box allowing you to look for any Accounts and Contacts that you have access to.

8-Actions: Available on every page , tap to initiate a menu that can allow you to the following:

  • Add an Account
  • Add an Activity
  • Add a Contact
  • Add a Deal
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