Monarch - Deals Past Due Alert

This Alert will monitor pending business and let you know when pending business should have been closed but has not yet been. You have the ability to set the Alerts and thresholds to help you manage your business. 

For an AE, they would be automatically filtered to their own data.

To set up the Deals Past Due Alert:

1. Navigate to Alerts from the Matrix Menu Bar.

2. Click Alert Settings on the left top.

3. Click (+) Add Alert.

4. Select Deals Past Due and click Next.

5. Set up the filters for the Alert and click Next.

6. Type in your Alert name and click Save.


-If you don't see the Alert that you just set up on the Dashboard, please log out of Matrix and log into again. 

-On the Alert‘s result page via Actions button, you can  send an email to your Salespeople or close the Deal.

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