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You’re smart. You add tags and address information to all of your accounts and contacts so that you can interact with them better in the future. You know the benefit of a well oiled, well-fed CRM is the ability to get stronger answers back out of it. List Builder lets you finally reap the rewards of your diligent work by allowing you to find information like contacts/addresses for only those accounts from a particular category, outlet, city, zip code...and that’s just a few of the thousands of ways we know you’ll want to create lists from Matrix!

When you want to create a custom list, you will find List Builder from the Navigation Panel under Lists on the left-hand side of your screen.

  1. Run - After lists have been built, this is where you come to run them. Each run will get the latest information in the database that meets the criteria that you set up and is not simply a saved list of results. This means that your lists could dynamically change daily if you add and change your information on Accounts and Contacts.
  2. Edit - Change the way your lists are configured. This could be the actual criteria supplied, the columns to display on the results, or even the name of your custom list.
  3. Delete  -  Sometimes you only need a temporary list like for a project or single trip out of the office. When you're done, you can delete it to keep your lists clean and easier to navigate.
  4. Add New - When you're ready to make your first (or next) custom list, you’ll want to click this button in order to get started. Depending on your screen resolution, you may need to scroll in order to see it.
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