Monarch - Importing Matrix Activities into Google Calendar

The following steps will help you import your activities into your Google Calendar. 

1. From the “Edit” or “Add” activity dialog in Matrix, check the Download to my calendar checkbox.
2. Click Save in order to Save the activity or any edits you have made.

3. In Google Calendar, select the Import calendar from the Other Calendars drop-down menu. 

 4. Browse to the appropriate folder location (from Step 2) and choose the.ics (iCal) file that you downloaded from Matrix.

5. Select the Gmail Calendar into which you would like to import the Matrix activity.
6. Click Import.

Note: The download prompt that you receive may vary and depends upon the web browser that you are using.  Please do not open the iCal file at this point.  If your prompt provides you with a choice to Save or Open, please choose Save. Be certain that you note where the file is being saved so that you can easily browse to its location when you import the file into Google.  Files are typically (but not always) saved to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.

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