Monarch FAQ - Why is the Wrong Office/Revenue Type/Category Assigned to My Account?

These type of questions are more common than you think, and there are several reasons why the Office, Revenue Type and/or Category might being showing a certain way in Matrix.  The following lists some of these reasons:
  • Office - This was potentially manually reassigned or the order was placed incorrectly within traffic.
  • Revenue Type - An order from traffic was placed, merged and/or reassigned incorrectly.
  • Category - An order from traffic was placed, merged and/or reassigned incorrectly.
The first step in figuring this out, is to confirm how the order may have been placed within the Traffic System. Your Traffic contact can assist with this.
Once this has been confirmed that the order was entered correctly within traffic, navigate to the Account Profile page, where you can gather additional information on how the order was imported or modified. To get to the Account Profile page, simply type the name of the Account into the search at the top of the page and click on the name of the Account. 
Once on the Account Profile page, click on the Summary tab.

The Summary tab logs all different types of activity that occurs within the Account (e.g. Deal, Activities, Contact, Reassignment of an Office, Category and/or Revenue Type, etc).

If there is no entry that the Office and/or Revenue Type and/or Category was reassigned, please contact the Matrix Solutions Help Desk for further assistance.

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