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In order to access the Matrix Locker page, please navigate to Lists and then select Matrix Locker. Below is a list of questions and answers relating to Matrix Locker.  

Q. Are there any limitations on file type and/or size?

A. You can save any file types to Matrix Locker by manually uploading them. However, at this time only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and MP3 / MP 4 are accepted. Also, the size of the file must be 10mb or less. If you attempt to upload a file that is larger, you will receive an error. Additionally, you could be limited further by your own email server. If it doesn’t handle files of 10mb then the limit is smaller.

Q. When using Matrix Activity Integration. does an email attachment upload to Matrix Locker?

Yes. But there is file limitations. The current file extensions allowed at this time are: 

("doc", "docx", "xls", "xlsx", "ppt", "pptx", "pdf")

If you have other type of files such as MP3 or MP4 or any audio related file, they will need uploaded manually rather than using the email integration

Q. Who can see my files?

A. When you upload a file, you and your manager are able to see it, along with the folder structure that you created in the Matrix Locker. Also, be mindful of file affiliations. For example, if you affiliate a file with an account and the account is transferred to another salesperson, then the file is visible to that person. Please be aware of this, and refrain from uploading files that contain sensitive material. This can include personal information such as your social security number, bank account number, and credit card information.

Q. I affiliated a file with an account and it was reassigned. Can I still access that file?

A. If a file is affiliated with an account and that account is reassigned, then you will no longer have access to that file within Matrix Locker unless it was also affiliated with another item such as an Agency that you still have access to.


Q. How much space do I get to use? What happens when I go beyond that space? What should I do?

A.  The amount of space available is differs for each organization. Currently, space is shared between all users. Ex: If 100gb of space is available, one user could use all 100gb of that or it could be split any number of ways between the sales team. In either case, once 100gb of space has been consumed, a warning will be issued to each user that tries to exceed the amount asking you to remove some existing files before we’ll accept additional ones. Additionally, Matrix has been alerted and may contact your decision makers about obtaining additional space so that you can continue your interactions uninterrupted.


Q. What is the My Company Files folder?

The My Company folder is an area where managers can store files that can be seen by anyone on their team(s). This is a good place for managers to store material that you or others may need to access, such as generic templates. 

Q. How long is a shared URL link active? Can I email this link to a non-Matrix user?

A. The link is active for as long as the file exists. If someone tries to access the file after it has been removed, they will receive a File Not Found Error. Yes, this link can be shared with a non-Matrix user. When they click on the link, it will prompt them to save/download the file (which will vary depending on the browser that they are using).

Q. How do I update a file that is stored in Matrix?

A. The Matrix Locker is a storage area. Not a cloud service, where files can be synchronized. When you need to update a file that is in the Matrix Locker the best workflow is:

    1. Download the file from Matrix Locker, and save it to an area on your computer.
    2. Update the file as necessary, ensuring that you save your changes. DO NOT change the name of the file!!
    3. In Matrix, upload the file to the Matrix Locker (using the steps outlined in this file).The previous version of the file will be overwritten with the newer one.

Please Note: In order for this workflow to function as stated, the name of the file and the location must remain the same during the entire process.

Q. I uploaded a file directly to the Matrix Locker on an account’s profile page. I can see it in the Locker on the account’s profile page. But, I cannot see it in the Matrix Locker.

A. There is a good chance that you were impersonating someone else when you uploaded the file to the account. To confirm this, navigate to the account’s profile page. Then, click the Matrix Locker tab. In the list of files, review the File Owner column. If the file in question is owned by another user, then this is most likely what occurred. The file belongs to that particular salesperson, so you will not see it in your Matrix Locker. If you need the file in your Matrix Locker, make sure that the View Account for field is set to All. Then, when you upload a file to the account, you will be the owner of the file. In this scenario, the file will appear twice in the account’s locker, since one is owned by you, and the other is owned by another salesperson. To avoid this situation in the future, make sure that the View Account for field is set to All before you upload a file. 

Q. What is the My Company Files folder?

A. The My Company folder is an area where managers can store files that can be seen by anyone on their team, except a higher level manager. This is a good place for Local Managers to store material that you or others may need to access, such as generic templates.

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