Monarch - Explaining The Alert Notifications

The Feed is designed to be the central rallying point for Monarch users. The overriding goal is to drive Actions and Results by providing you with the data you need when you need it.  Easy to use and always actionable, but it’s what you do with the information that counts! Let Matrix be your guide!

The Feed can be found in the upper right-hand corner of any page. 

By clicking on the bell icon, you will be provided with all your Alert Results, plus other great information as shown below. There are also plenty of others about your most common sales questions. Please see the full list below of specific items and definitions.  

You can configure your default feed notifications by selecting the gear icon in the feed.


  • Updates happen every 10 minutes.
  • Can snooze an Item by clicking the checkmark. It will come back when there is a change to the item.
  • Clicking on the item to act causes the item to remove from the list.
  • To turn off the Alerts pushing to the feed, you will need to disable the Alert.

List of specific items and definitions:

  • Accts Requested to be Reassigned (manager) – As a manager, these are the accounts that your sales team has asked your permission to own. The results are the same as the Requests card on the Prospecting page.
  • Deals That May Be Causing an Inflated Forecast – These are the deals that are open and have pending dollars for the same timeframe where billing dollars exist. We use a general rule of thumb that in an ideal world, you either have pending or booked for a single month by an Advertiser/Salesperson/Outlet. Anything else has the potential to be incorrect. NOTE: This is only for the logged in User and not for their Managers.
  • Leads To Approve (manager w/ permissions) – Lead approving managers have an easy way to see all of the leads that a salesperson has sent to them for approval. Clicking through allows you to approve or deny the lead.
  • Deals Won This Week – Deals that are currently Closed-Won this week. If the deal was reopened this week then it will no longer display. This is not “last 7 days”.
  • Deals Without Recent Updates - "Recently" means 7 days in this case. Often a manager imposes a "deals must be updated every Wednesday" kind of thing and they want to talk about the deals that made no progress in the last week, assuming others are on track. You would only care about the open pending/proposed deals that have not been updated. Closed deals should have a shared understanding that they will most likely not be updated.
  • Accts Reassigned To You This Week (AE) – Salespeople can see all of the accounts that have been reassigned to them by a manager for the current week. It is not “last 7 days”.
  • Accts Partially Reassigned From You This Week (AE) – Salespeople can see when part of an account was reassigned from them and given to another salesperson.
  • Accts Fully Reassigned From You This Week (AE) – Salespeople can see when an entire account was reassigned from them and given to another salesperson.
  • Leads and Prospects Above Threshold – Designed to find salespeople that have more Leads and Prospects than a manager feels they can reasonably handle based upon a manager-defined threshold
  • Leads and Prospects Below Threshold – Designed to find salespeople that have room to grow and should increase their new business numbers based upon a manager-defined threshold
  • Win-Back Accounts – Designed to easily find the accounts that were billed in the past (you define the months since the last billing) but are not actively billing. 
    The RECEIVED DATE Column is the the first Billed date for the Account. The LAST BILLED DATE Column is the last Month that the Account Billed.
    NOTE: The way the dates within this Alert displays will is determined by your time zone selected in your Profile settings. So there may be a difference from this Alert, then what is on your Account List Page. 
    The dates on the Account List Page and in the Account Profile Detail tab display using the UTC time zone which is 4 - 5 hours ahead depending on Daylight Savings. 
    For example, if an Account Billed on 6/1 and the Traffic File came in at 12:30a Eastern, and you are on the West Coast, the Date in the Alert will be 5/31 (10:30pm). In the Account List and Details tab on the Account, it will be 6/1 (4:30a).
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