Monarch - Local User Maintenance - Add or Edit a User

When you want to add a user, click Users (Located on the left in the Navigation Panel) and then click on the Plus button at the top of the User List. 

If you'd like to edit a user, hover over the name you want to modify, click on the gear icon that appears on the far right, and then select the Edit option.

  1. Email - This should be the work email address that  the user will receive their emails from. This field doubles as the login ID for every user and can be used to retrieve a forgotten password.
  2. Display Name - This is a required field that will fill in automatically for you after you fill in the First Name and Last Name fields. It is recommended that you let Matrix handle this field for you.
  3. Create this user to be like - This is a required field where you let Matrix know which user you would like to mimic when creating your new user. For example, if you are hiring a new salesperson that will be selling Broadcast and Digital, and you already have a salesperson that sells this way, then you will want to choose that existing salesperson in order to apply to the appropriate Team, Role, and Grouping structure on the back end for you. If you have a totally new scenario, please contact Matrix Support or your Success Manager in order to discuss this need.
  4. Active / Inactive - Whenever you create a user, make sure that you leave this checked. This will allow the user to log into Matrix, or at the very least finish their setup as a new user. When unchecked, the user will not be able to log into Monarch. Make sure that you uncheck this box whenever a salesperson or manager leaves your organization and will no longer need access to Matrix.
  5. Traffic ID - This field will automatically fill in based upon the First Name and Last Name fields. You can choose to leave it alone, or if you know the exact name that will be used in traffic, feel free to overwrite that field with the traffic id/code. This will save you the time of merging users in the future.

Note: The Secondary Username is a field that only applies to users with a Single Sign On solution where the user logs in with an email or username that is not the same as their email address that they send and receive emails from each day. Otherwise, it is pretty useless for users to authenticate with Matrix via a traditional email address.

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