AdMall Integration

Sales Intelligence is a key to stay on top of your accounts. Getting information, finding trends, being a step ahead will help you work your book of business. The AdMall integration helps as it pulls information about your customer, their industry, and information about their geographic and demographic profiles and puts it all together so it can be quickly accessed in Matrix. With this integration you can:

  • Direct link from Matrix to AdMall
  • Linking of Accounts to data within AdMall automatically

If you or your team has a subscription to AdMall, powered by SalesFuel, you will want to reach out to your Success Manager at Matrix to get setup with the AdMall integration.

While on an Account Profile you will notice a new tab, Integrations. If you have AdMall turned on then you’ll see the AdMall pod within this tab, powered by SalesFuel. In order to get started you’ll want to make sure that your Account has a Category and a ZIP Code. We provide an easy way to edit that information directly from this pod by tapping on the edit pencil. Your account may already have a Category, especially if it’s a billing account. Leads and Prospects may not have the Category, but adding them is a snap. Simply select a Category from the Category dropdown when editing the account.

After adding a ZIP Code and a Category you’ll see 1 or more links generated on the AdMall tab under the Integrations tab now. We create 1 link for every category on the Account that maps to a unique standard category within AdMall. Clicking on this link will load AdMall into a new tab and show you.

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