Office 365 Configuration for Managers and Salespeople

NOTE: In order to use this integration, all users will need to be members in your Azure Active Directory.

If you meet this requirement, BEFORE MOVING FORWARD please click HERE to ensure the back-end configuration has been completed by your IT administrator and the Matrix Solutions Team!

Integrating Office 365 with Matrix allows you to essentially work from one calendar as the two systems will begin sharing Activities and Calendar Events which helps you to save time from double entry, maximize your time without double booking, and maybe even keep you off of your boss’s radar by increasing the number of naturally tracked activities. Couple this with the ability to send Emails from within Matrix and you have one well-oiled engine for sales transparency!

1.    First we need to get you connected to Office 365. Click on My Profile in the Menu Bar.
2.    Once loaded, select the Preferences tab at the top. We’ll only address the Office 365 Integration with these instructions which can be found towards the bottom of the list.
3.    Change Mail Provider to Office 365, select Save.
4.    You will be taken to a page where you can log into Office 365 with your usual credentials. Type in your Email and Password and then click Sign in.

5.    After successfully authenticating, you will be taken back to the My Profile page within Matrix. Note that the Office 365 Integration link now says Remove Office 365 Access, indicating that you have successfully setup your integration.
6.    Click Save and you are now ready to use the Matrix and Office 365 integration!
Optionally, you can update your default Mail Provider from Default Mail Client to Office 365. You can do this within My Profile, once again, and navigating to the Preferences tab. This should only be used if you do not plan to use a physical mail client like Outlook to handle your emails and would instead prefer handle email via a web client. Using Office 365 as your Mail Provider will allow you to compose your emails directly within Matrix instead of navigating away to Office 365’s interface for creation.

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