Monarch - Approving or Rejecting Leads - Manager Access

When someone submits a Lead account for your approval, you must take action on it (either Approve or Reject it).

First set up your Data Card on your Home Page:
1. Click on Home in your navigation panel.

2. Select Define This Card.

Note: If you have favorited your Sales Outlook Data Card to open by default, you will first need to collapse this Data Card by clicking on the Collapse button in front of Sales Outlook:

3. Choose Leads to be Approved from the list.

This Data Card will display how many Lead Requests you have waiting.

To Approve or Reject Leads
If you have one or more Leads, click on the Data Card to see an expanded view of data.

You will see a list of Accounts that are waiting for your decision.

To Accept or Reject, click the ‘’ icon to the far right to make your choice.

If you Reject:
You will be able to add a note to state the reason why you are rejecting the Lead.
Click the Save button.
A message appears, confirming your action.
The Account remains a Lead account.

If you Approve:
A message appears, confirming your action.
The Account is converted to a Prospect account.

Get notified of New Leads needing approval

If you would like to receive an email letting you know that you have received a Lead Request select Profile, then Preferences, then change the Prospect Approval Emails switch from NO to YES. DON’T FORGET TO SAVE! Located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You may have to scroll down to see this.

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