Monarch - Submit a Lead Account for Approval

Submit a Lead Account for Approval

Before you can submit a Lead account for approval (to your manager), the account must contain:

  • An address for the Account.
  • At least one Account Contact.
  • At least on Activity (which can be Incomplete or Completed).

To Create and Submit a Lead:

Select the Global +Add button in the upper-right hand corner of your screen and select the Account icon:

Once you are prompted, enter the Account Name and Address, add any other additional profile information such Office, Phone Number, Category and Social Media details.

Select Save.

You are then taken to the Account Profile.

  • Select the Add Contact box, to add the Contact’s information.
  • Select the You need to schedule an activity box, to add the Activity.

After the Address, Contact, and Activity have been completed, you will notice that all 3 sections have turned green. You can now submit this Lead for approval to your manager by selecting their name from the drop down in the top right of the Account Profile page, then click Submit.

A popup message appears, confirming that the submission was successful. The Submit button is replaced by the Cancel button if you need to cancel the request.
If your manager approves the Lead, it will automatically be converted to a Prospect account.
If your manager rejects the Lead, it will remain in your Accounts List as a Lead account.

If you would like to receive an email to notify you if your manager approves or rejects your request, select Profile, then Preferences, then change the Prospect Approval Emails switch from NO to YES

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