Account Not Showing

Why is my Account not showing?

If you search for an account in any of the following areas, and it is not showing, there is a good chance that it has either been deleted (if a Prospect or Lead account) or it is a "Zero Billed Account".

You can search for an Account three ways:

  • Account List- Hover over the Lists drop down menu on the Matrix menu bar. Select Accounts and then you can search for the account in the My List or Master List tabs.
  • Global Search- Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the Matrix menu bar to search for the name of the account.
  • Salesperson Preview Proposal- In this module you can search for Zero Billing Accounts.

What is A "Zero Billed" Account?

A Zero Billed Account is an account that once had billing attached to it. However, the billing was removed, from either a pre-empt or a cancellation, leaving a total billed amount of zero dollars ($0). This type of account can be seen in the "global search", but it is unable to be seen in the My Account List or the Master Account List. Matrix is designed to not show Zero Billing Accounts in the Account List but still make them available through the global search function. 

The only way to see this account listed again in the Accounts List is to have a new order placed on the account, and have the billing records imported into Matrix. If you need to work with a Zero Billing Account, you can click on the account name when it comes up in the global search and go to its profile page. Once on the profile page, you can add in notes, contacts, activities, deals, etc.. You can also confirm a Zero Billing Account within the Salesperson Preview module.

If you are still unable to locate the account after viewing all three areas mentioned above, contact Matrix Support via the Support menu option located on the Matrix menu bar.

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