Work with the Account Details Tab

The Account Profile's Details tab is an area where you can view multiple data points about each order detail record associated to the Account. To view the Details Tab on an Account, click Lists menu, select Accounts. Then click on the Account's name to view the Account Profile.  Once you are in the Account Profile, click the Details tab.

The Details tab will list the following about the account:

  • Salesperson
  • Outlet
  • Office
  • Agency
  • Category
  • Revenue Type
  • Create Date - Available after checking Show Dates checkbox
  • Last Billed Date - Available after checking Show Dates Checkbox
Any detail record that has a link, can be clicked on to go to that particular profile page, be it the salesperson or outlet.

Within the Details tab, one can edit or update some of the detail information. The fields that can be updated are Category and Revenue Type. 

To edit the Category or Revenue Type:
  1. Click on the pencil icon next to Account Details. 
  2. Once clicked, you can click within the Details grid in the Category and Revenue Type columns to pick the new item. 
  3. Once you are completed with edits, click Save.

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