Work with a Salesperson Preview Proposal

In order to access the Salesperson Preview Proposal, navigate to Actions button, select Salesperson Preview, and then click the name of an existed proposal that you wish to displayOnce a proposal is displayed, you can easily work with it to reassign accounts. Note that the colors are for visual reference only, and will change every time you display the proposal.

Expand a Salesperson’s List

By default, each salesperson’s account list is collapsed. In order to reassign a salesperson's 
accounts, you must expand the list by clicking the [+] sign preceding a salesperson’s name. Depending on the settings you selected when you initially created the proposal, you may be able to further expand the list.

Reassign an Account

From the list on the left, drag and drop an account on top of a salesperson’s pod, on the right. The proposal automatically saves, but the account will not be reassigned until you actually execute your changes.

Execute Changes

Once you are ready to commit to the account reassignments in a proposal, you will execute the changes. Executing will reassign all accounts, as specified in your proposal. To execute your changes, click the Execute Changes button. Please do not click away from the page as your changes are being executed.

The accounts are reassigned, as specified.
The proposal automatically deletes and will no longer be visible on the Salesperson Preview Proposals list.
Associated account budgets will update accordingly.

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