Work with the Matrix Locker Pod

To view the Contact Information Pod, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Contacts.  On the Contact list page, each contact's name is hyperlinked to its profile page. After clicking on a contact's name within Matrix, it will load the Contact Profile for that particular contact.  The bottom of the Contact Profile page there is a Matrix Locker Pod. The Matrix Locker makes keeping track of your important files simple and easy. You can store what’s important to you - such as contracts, proposals, and the things that you need to help you keep your business on track. 


Upload a File

  1. Click the Upload button [+] .
  2. Browse to, and select the file from your computer.Because you are viewing a contact’s profile page, the affiliation will automatically occur. (You will see the item’s name populated in the affiliations box.) If you wish to additionally affiliate it with another item, you can search for and select that item by typing at least two characters included in the item’s name (or more if you need to narrow your search). Then select the item from the drop list that appears.
  3. Optionally, select a folder to store the file in. (If one is not selected, the file will automatically be placed in the My Files folder.)
  4. Click the Save button.

Viewing a File

You can view/download a file at any time by clicking the name of the file.


- You are not able to share files across multiple Accounts. 

- If you need to delete the file or manage affiliations, you will need to do so in the Matrix Locker. To access the Locker, select Matrix Locker from the Lists menu.

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