Work with the Pacing Pod - Agency Profile

To view the Pacing Pod on the Agency Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Agencies.  On the Agency list page, each agency is hyperlinked to its profile page. 

     - Click the Agency Name that you wish to view, then click Revenue tab. The Revenue page displays. The Pacing Pod is at the bottom of the Revenue page.

Update the Display

By default, the data displays pacing for the entire year. If you need to see pacing for the current quarter, click the Quarter toggle button located above the chart. To hide a line, click a year in the legend. Clicking the year again, shows the line.


View Data in the Chart

If you need to see the dollar amount for a point on the chart, move your mouse over the point. A pop up box will appear, displaying the month and the billing amount.

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