Work with the Revenue Pod - Agency Profile

To view the Revenue Pod on the Agency Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Agencies.  On the Agency list page, each agency is hyperlinked to its profile page. 

      - Click the Agency Name that you wish to view, then click Revenue tab. The Revenue page displays. 

Change the View

Calendar Type
By default, the agency's revenue data will display in the revenue grid, by month in your default calendar type. If you wish to see the data by Quarter and/or a different calendar type, use the available options in the drop down lists at the top of the pod.

Show Targeted Revenue

By default, the data defaults to display Total revenue. To see targeted revenue, such as for all the accounts that the agency is representing, select  an option from the drop list.

Show Percent Difference Over Previous Year

Check the Show $ difference over previous year checkbox to see this information in the grid.

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