Work with the Activities Pod - Agency Profile

To view the Activities Pod on the Agency Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Agencies.  On the Agency list page, each agency is hyperlinked to its profile page. 

  - Click the Agency Name that you wish to view, then click Activities tab. The Activities page displays. 

Change the Sort Order

By default, the data in this pod is sorted by Due Date. If necessary, you can re-sort the data by clicking a column header from one of the other columns.

Note: Selecting a sorted column multiple times alternates the data between ascending and descending order.

View Completed Activities

By default, the Activities pod displays the agency’s Incomplete activities. Click the Complete button to view a list of completed activities.

Edit/Delete/Download/View an Activity

1. Move your mouse over the activity that you wish to work with. A gear icon appears to the right of the selected activity, indicating that you can work with the record.

2. Move your mouse over the gear icon, click it, and then select the appropriate option.

- Edit - View/edit the activity’s details.

- Delete - Delete the activity.

- Download iCal - Download/work with the activity in your default electronic calendar.

- View Email - View the text (and attachment if available) of an email that you sent to your contact(s). (This choice is available only if the  activity is an email.)

Note: If the activity has been completed you will not be able to delete it. You can, however, add additional information to it, if necessary, you chose to download an activity to your calendar, please follow the prompts on the screen. The prompts vary, depending on the browser that you are using.

Access Account, Salesperson, Contact, and Deal Information

The account, salesperson, contact, and deal names appear in blue, underlined text, indicating that they are hyperlinks. Click a name to display a salesperson’s AE Scorecard or an account, contact, or deal to display a profile page.

Add an Activity

1. From the Activities pod, click the Add an Activity button. The Add an Activity dialog box displays.

2. Complete the Activity Type, Subject, Date, and Status fields, which are required (denoted by a red star).  

Note: Do not use the Email type. This is reserved for capturing emails from your email application in to an activity in Matrix. Also, the activity types available may vary, depending on the settings set by your organization. For  example, beneath Call, you may see Cold Call and Collection. You can use these types to specifically classify your activity. Or, if you wish to just generally classify it, you can choose Call.

3. Complete the optional fields, as necessary. For example, you may want to add a contact. To add a contact, click in to the Contact field, and type at least two characters. Once a list of choices displays, select the contact that you wish to attach. You can add another contact to the same activity by  repeating the previous steps. The first contact added, is the primary contact. 

Note: If you are viewing the agency for All salespeople, then the Assign To field will be editable. Click in to the field and search for and select the salesperson that you wish to affiliate the activity with. Otherwise, if you are viewing the agency by a specific salesperson, the Assign To field will be completed with that salesperson’s name and will not be editable. When the activity is saved, it will be affiliated with that salesperson.

4. Click the Save or Save & Add Another button. 

Note: The Save button saves the activity and closes the dialog box. Whereas, the Save & Add Another button saves the activity, and immediately displays a blank Add an Activity dialog box. Use this option as a convenient way to add a follow-up activity.

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