Work with the Pacing Pod - Office & Outlet Profile

Displays the office’s pacing; comparing last year and this year’s sales data. The chart includes last month, the current month, and then 10 months into the future, in order to be a rolling 12 month window. Initially, the pod displays an entire year (based on your calendar). However, you can view the current quarter (three months of data), by using the toggle button above the chart. The toggle selected affects the data that is displayed in the Gainers and Losers area.

Change the Display

The Chart
By default, the data displays pacing for the entire year. If you need to see pacing for the current quarter, click the Quarter toggle button located above the chart. Clicking the Year toggle button switches the data back to a yearly view. Also, you can hide a line by clicking a year in the legend. Clicking the year again, shows the line. 

The Gainers and Losers area
To change the list of items that displays in the Gainers and Losers area, click the drop down list at the top of the Gainers and Losers area, and make a selection (account, account group, outlet, or outlet group).

View Data in the Chart

If you need to see the dollar amount for a point on the chart, move your mouse over the point. A pop up box will appear, displaying the month and the billing amount.

Access Account and Outlet Information

When account and outlet names are displayed in the Gainers and Losers area, they will appear in blue, underlined text, indicating that they are hyperlinks. Click the link to display the account’s profile page.

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