Work with the Contacts Tab

To view the Account 's Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your cursor over the Lists menu and select Accounts. Then click on an Account's name that you wish to view. 

Upon displaying an Account’s profile page, the Summary tab will be in view, by default.  

- Click on the Contacts tab to display the Contacts information associated with this Account.  

- Contacts for the Account and any affiliated Agencies will be listed.  

- The Contact names are hyperlinked to their profile pages.   

A profile page will provide more information about the Contact. To view Contact's Profile page click the Name or the image of the Contact that you wish to view.

To Add a Contact: 

1.  Click the Add a Contact button. The Add a Contact dialog box displays. 

2.  Complete the First and Last name fields, which are required (denoted by a red star " * ") 

3.  Complete the optional fields, as necessary. 

If you need to download the contact to your electronic address book, click the Download vCard checkbox.    

4.  Click the Save button. 

To Edit a Contact: 

1.  Move your cursor over the Contact that you wish to edit. A gear icon appears. 

2.  Click the Gear icon.  

3.  Select Edit from the menu. The Edit the Contact dialog box displays.  

4.  Make updates, as necessary. 

5.  Click the Save button.

To Delete a Contact:

1.  Move your cursor over the Contact that you wish to delete. A gear icon appears. 

2.  Click the Gear icon.  

3.  Select Delete from the menu. A confirmation box displays. 

4.  Click the Delete button. The Contact is permanently deleted.

To Download a Contact’s vCard:  

1.  Move your cursor over the Contact that you wish to work with. A gear icon appears.     

2.  Click the Gear icon,  

3.  Select Download vCard from the menu.  

4.  Follow the prompts to Save the Contact's information. 

To View a Contact’s Social Media Page
If you add social media addresses to a Contact’s profile, the representative icons (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) will be active. Click a Social Media Icon to display the corresponding social media page.

To Add an Activity:  

1.  Move your cursor over the Contact that you wish to work with. A gear icon appears. 

2. Click the Gear icon, and then select Add an Activity from the menu. The Add an Activity dialog box displays. 

3.  Complete the Activity Type, Subject, Date, and Status fields, which are required.  

Note:  Do not use the Email type. This is reserved for capturing emails from your email application into an Activity in Matrix. 

4.  Complete the optional fields, as necessary. 

5.  Click the Save or Save & Add Another button, if you have other activities to add. 

In addition to contacts with that Account, one can also work with contacts of agencies that are affiliated with that Account. 
To view the Agency contacts, from the Contact’s tab, click the Agency toggle button. 
To return to the Account’s contacts, click the Account toggle button.In order to view or add Agency Contacts, you first need to affiliate an Agency with the Account.

To affiliate an Agency with the Account 

1.  Click the Agency toggle button. 

2.  Click the Add a Primary Agency link. The Add a Primary Agency dialog box appears. 

3.  In the Name field, type the first two characters of the Agency that you wish search for. A drop list, listing potential matches appears. 

4.  From the list, select an Agency. 

5.  Click the Add button. 

- The Agency’s name appears at the bottom of the tab. If the Agency profile contains any existing contacts, they will be listed.  

- Also, the Add a Contact button becomes active.  A new Contact can be created for that Agency, if necessary. 

- Note: The Agency Name (at the bottom of the tab) is hyperlinked to its profile page. You can view this page if you need to see more information about the Agency. 

You can disassociate an Agency and its Contacts from an Account, by doing the following.  

  1. Click the Agency toggle button, from within the Contacts tab 
  2. From the bottom of the tab click the Remove link, located to the right of the agency’s name. A confirmation box displays. 
  3. Click the Remove button. The agency is now disassociated from the account. 

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