Work with the Account Profile Summary Tab

To view the Account Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your cursor over the Lists menu and select Accounts. Then click on an Account's name that you wish to view. 

Upon displaying an Account’s profile page, the Summary tab will be in view by default. The Summary tab lists a chronological history of what has been done with the Account. Some of the items on the Summary tab are Deals that have been created and modified, Activities that have been created, if the Account has been reassigned, and the other high level details. If you navigate away from this tab, click the Summary tab to re-display it. By default, all records will display in the Summary List.

To display only certain records: 
Click the Filter drop down and uncheck all of the boxes that you wish to hide from your view. For example, to only see your Deals, you would uncheck all of the boxes except for Deals. 

The Summary tab has a listing of upcoming deals and activities, as well as previous or historical deals and activities.

If you have created any Activities, the Activity's Subject will appear in blue text.  If you would like to view or edit them:

1.  Click the Activity’s Subject, next to the icon representing the activity type. The Activity dialog box displays.

2.  Make updates, as necessary. 

    Note: To mark an Activity as Complete, click the drop down arrow in the Status field, and choose Complete. 

3.  Click Save or Save & Add Another.  

If you attached a Contact to the Activity, the contact’s name will appear in blue text. Click the Contact’s Name, to display their profile page. If you have created a Deal on the Account, you will see a list of "Open" Deals as well as the "Closed" Deals.

If you need to view or edit the Deal's details:

Click the Deal’s Name, to open the Deal in the Deal Management screen.


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