Edit an Account from the Account Profile

Sometimes you need to add or edit the information on your account, this can be done from the Account's Profile Page.

To edit the Account information:

1.  Go to the Account Profile Page for the specific account.
-  You can use the Search or click on the account's link from the My Accounts list to display it. You can access My Accounts list by    clicking Lists and selecting Accounts.
2.  Click the Edit the Account button.
-  The Edit the Account dialog box displays where you can edit fields before saving.
3.  Click the Save button.

To edit the Account name:

If you need to change the name of the account itself, you will need to contact Matrix Support or your manager. If the account is a Prospect or Lead account, you may be able to delete the account and re-add it back into Matrix.

Notes: You may see a Custom Fields tab if your organization has elected for additional fields to be filled in on Accounts. Clicking this tab will allow you to update those fields as well before saving. If you do not see this tab then you do not have Custom Fields enabled on your site.

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