Add a Quick Deal

You can add a Quick Deal to any Prospect or Billing account in your My Accounts List. This is a very convenient way to add a Deal, because the Quick Deal screen requires very limited information. You cannot add a Deal to an Account in the Master List, nor can you add a Deal to a Lead account.

To access the My Accounts List, from the Menu Bar, select Accounts from the Lists menu.

To add a Quick Deal on an Account on your My Accounts List:

1. Move your cursor over the Account that you wish to add the Deal to. A gear icon appears to the right of the record.

2. Click the Gear icon, and select Add a Quick Deal from the menu. The Add a Quick Deal screen displays.

3. Complete the required fields, denoted by a red star. They are: Deal Name, Account, Office and Time Frame.

-The Deal Name field defaults to the Account’s name, the current date, and the words “Quick Deal”. However, you may change the name if you would like. 

-The Account field will be completed for you because you created the Deal directly from the Account. Please do not alter the Account field, or the Deal will not be affiliated with the Account that you are working with.

-The Office field defaults to the first choice in the list. Therefore, please ensure that you review the list, and select the correct office.

-Update the Status field, if necessary, by selecting an option from the drop list.

4. If you are sure of where the Deal’s money will be allocated, add a forecast row by clicking the [+] preceding a blank row.

5. Complete the Outlet and Revenue Type fields by selecting choices from the available drop lists.

6. Complete the rest of the fields, by typing a numeric dollar value into each field.

7. Click the Save button.

Note:  If you have set up your Deal Default Preferences, you will not need to fill in the above information.  All you will need to do is enter in your pending dollars and update any needed fields.

Note: If you need to see the full Deal profile page, click the "See the full deal profile" link located at the bottom of the screen.

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