Getting Started with Matrix Locker

In order to access Matrix Locker, navigate to Lists button, then select Matrix Locker. The following sections will show you how to set up and use Matrix Locker.

What is it?
The Matrix Locker makes keeping track of your important files simple and easy. You can store what’s important to you - such as contracts, proposals, and the things that you need to help you keep your business on track. Streamline your day by accessing everything that you need -without leaving Matrix.

Also, Matrix makes keeping up with your email activities even easier. You can store your emails, along with their attachments, in Matrix.  When you want to reference an entire email, you will not have to leave Matrix. 

How do I set it up?
The document storage part of Matrix Locker does not require any setup. You can start uploading your files right away. If you wish to use some advanced functionality such as creating folders and affiliating files to multiple items, please follow the directions found on subsequent pages. Also, if you are already using the Matrix Email activity function, there is no action required on your part. The attachment will automatically be stored with the Matrix activity. If you are not currently using the Matrix Email activity function, you will need to set that up before you can take advantage of this feature.

How do I access Matrix Locker?
From the Lists menu, select Matrix Locker. All of the files that are accessible to you can be located here. Additionally, you can access Matrix Locker from any Account, Agency, Contact, Deal, or Activity and view/upload files specific to that item.

How do I view an email and its attachment in Matrix?
The email is stored in Matrix as an activity. Therefore, you can view the activity and its associated attachment from the Activities list. In the list, click the envelope icon beside the subject of the Email Activity that you wish to view. A small window will appear, displaying the contents of the email and an attachment (if there is one). To display the attachment, click the name of the attachment. Depending on the browser that you are using, various prompts will appear. Please choose the appropriate option to view/download the file.

Hint: In the Activities list, an email activity is indicated by an envelope icon. If the email contains an attachment, you will also see a paperclip icon preceding the subject.

Note:  You are not able to share files across multiple Accounts.

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